U.S. Marine Corps Software Factory
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Deputy Commandant for Information
Austin, Texas

Who we are

The Marine Corps Software Factory (MCSWF) is a 3-year pilot to demonstrate a scalable, Marine-led software development capability. MCSWF's Marines are focused on outcomes, enabling commanders to stay ahead of evolving challenges on the modern battlefield.

Our Vision

Create a world class Marine-led software development capability enabling Marine Corps modernization efforts by developing applications for commanders at the speed of operations, increasing lethality and readiness.

Investing in Marines

By combining traditional military training and modern technology skills, it enables tactical advantage for Marines across the service. The MCSWF pilot will evaluate the demand signal from Fleet Marine Forces, develop a way forward on career paths for technical experts, and evaluate the proper blend of civilian-Marine teaming.


MCSWF Advantages


Outcomes for Marines, by Marines informed by operational experiences


Developing necessary skills to empower the future force


Software solutions delivered in weeks or months, not years


Use of organic talent, agile methodologies, and automation to maximize resources




Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Oversee The MCSWF?

As the Marine Corps' Chief Information Officer, the Deputy Commandant for Information (DC I), will serve as the executive sponsor for the MCSWF.

Why Does The USMC Require An Organic Software Development Capability?

On a software-centric, highly lethal and disconnected future battlefield, Marines will need to implement technical solutions at the tactical edge without contracted support or reach back capabilities. The MCSWF will train Marines to deliver software solutions using agile methodologies for commanders to implement technical solutions at the speed required to accomplish their mission.

How Does The MCSWF Work Alongside Acquisitions?

Enterprise-level solutions demand the rigor and resourcing acquisitions provide, and require multi-year programs of record. By contrast, the MCSWF delivers enduring and organic capability to rapidly develop tailored applications for commanders at the tactical edge.





For more information, please e-mail us at mcswf@usmc.mil. Details regarding lateral moves (LATMOVE) and implementation will be released via separate correspondence in future MARADMINS to outline how Marines can apply to the MCSWF.

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Deputy Commandant for Information